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Hair by Millie

This is one of the most reputed and efficient hair care salon in London where you can enjoy having all the latest trends in hairstyles as per your desire.

Hair Dressing

We have professionally trained hair stylists and hair care experts who can make your hair look as beautiful and attractive as you want it to be.

You not only like your hair, you simply adore them. Who doesn’t? But how can you make them look cool and trendy?

Come to us at Hair by Millie. We know the secrete of making your hair look stylish and attractive. As an experienced and dedicated Salon Service provider in London, we can offer you styles that suit your personality, hair type and face-structure in the perfect manner. We offer top class Hair Extension Service as well as modern hairstyles that you can have on a special occasion.

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Our Broad Range Of Services For You

Since we are an experienced Hair Dressing service provider, we understand what type of service clients want from their hair stylists or hair experts. Thus, we try to make our list of services as broad and vibrant as it can be. Hair extension, weave, crochet braid, banana cornrow, Ghana braids, box braids, Big braids, false hairlocs, kinky twist, gel twist, wig caps, dreadlocks and retwist, Micro braids, pick and drop, customized wigs cap, single plaits, wash & tong, bonding, Relax cut & style, and bridal services are some of the most popular ones on our list.

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You name it and our experts will make sure that your hair will get that desired look. However, if you are not totally sure about it then they can also offer you some advice after checking your hair quality and style.

Best Quality Products

We use the best quality hair wigs and hair extensions for your hair so that you can use them safely for a longer period. Hence, all our hair extensions and hair styling services are totally cost-effective for you.

Hair Dressing
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Hair Salon
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Please feel free to call us for any query or you can directly visit our Salon to get the best hair dressing services in London.


Hair by Millie is a London based Hair Salon that offers some of the most stylish, trendy and unique hairstyles to the fashion loving girls and women of this city.